As a member of the Water Dispenser & Hydration Association we support their 5 for 5 Sustainability Pledge and work to continually improve in 5 key areas:

  1. To increase environmental sustainability through decreased use of energy, reusing and recycling of materials and improved logistics and transport.
  2. To attend to water management to ensure use of water throughout the supply chain is as sustainable as possible in order to protect on of our industry’s most precious resources.
  3. To seek ways of being more socially sustainable by supporting industry-wide and local community corporate social responsibility schemes involving staff and the wider community.
  4. To promote financially sustainable growth linked to environmental sustainability to ensure business success and greater employment.
  5. To ensure our workplaces are healthy, supportive, inclusive, happy and profitable.

A few of the several benefits of working closely with the other companies in our group has been through the consolidation of operations within our business resulting in a reduction in waste, food miles and power consumption along with an improved control over water usage and quality. You can see a bit more about some of the things we currently do on our parent company’s website at

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