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Water Cooler Not Chilling

  1. If the Water Cooler is not chilling then it’s usually the power supply.
  2. First check if the power is on -switched on at the socket and power cable plugged into the back of the cooler fully.
  3. Can you hear the cooler running; it should sound like a typical refrigerator. If the water is not dispensing cold and you can hear it running there is a fault and you need to contact us to replace or fix the water cooler.
  4. Unsure about anything – please contact support and arrange for an engineer.

Bottle Water Cooler Dispensing Slowly

Whilst this is usually a simple fix, the process does vary depending on the type of cooler so please call us and we will advise accordingly or arrange for an engineer to visit.

Leaking Bottled Water Cooler

In the unlikely event of our bottled water cooler leaking, this text explains what to do.

  1. First switch off water cooler power at the wall socket and then unplug the power lead.
  2. Next remove the bottle to stop any more water leaking out.
  3. Drain off excess water within the cooler.
  4. The most likely cause of a leak is a damaged water bottle. If you can identify a leak or hole from the bottle itself, then it should be safe to re-commission the water cooler with a new bottle, however if not are not sure please arrange for an engineer to call in.

Water Cooler Deposits and Billing

Our Bottled Water Cooler Services are invoiced once a month, this saves paperwork and keeps things simple especially if you have multiple deliveries each month. 

Bottle deposits are charged per bottle and on your first delivery we charge deposits on all bottles delivered. Your next and subsequent deliveries we charge deposits on bottles delivered and Credit deposits on the empties collected. Essentially we owe you for every bottle you have on site as long as they are returned in usable condition.

Making a Payment

Our preferred method of payment is by bank transfer / bacs or direct debit, however we can also accept telephone payments by card or cheques.

For further payment details please see the foot of your invoice.

Placing an Order

We are pleased to accept orders via email ( ) or phone (01206 625170) and can also set up a reminder service for when we are in your area or a scheduled top up so that you don’t run dry.

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