Everest POU

Everest Plumbed-in Water Dispenser

Available Models

  • Cold and Ambient
  • Hot and Cold

Everest POU

As with the bottled version of our Everest cooler, this cooler has the same sleek two toned body, solid metal taps which are set seven inch’s higher than normal water coolers which makes getting a drink even easier, an integral cup dispenser and a water contact system which is hygienically sealed meaning you get excellent tasting water every time you take a drink.

All our plumbed in water coolers are also fitted with a WRAS approved 1 micron carbon block filter to remove sediment, chlorine and other contaminants thereby improving taste and appearance of your mains water.

  • Plumbed in Water Cooler with Modern Design
  • Sturdy faucet handles
  • Removable Reservoir for Effective Sterilisation
  • Integral Cup Dispenser
  • Energy Star certified
Bottled Model
Everest Plumbed-in Water Dispenser

Technical Specifications

Power rating Single phase 220 – 240 VAC 50Hz
Power consumption cold 80w
Power consumption hot 450w
Cold temperature range 4 – 10° C
Hot temperature range 74 – 92° C
Dimensions without bottle (POU) 330 W x 368 D x 1058 H (millimetres)
Dimensions with 11 litre bottle 330 W x 368 D x 1254 H (millimetres)
Dimensions with 18.9 litre bottle 330 W x 368 D x 1404 H (millimetres)
Please note that for plumbed in coolers an additional 25mm headroom and 75mm depth should be allowed and an additional 90mm headroom for bottled coolers to allow for fitting the bottles

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